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GREECE CONCIERGE VIP, Concierge Greece VIP services is dedicated to providing our clients with the highest level of service.

Jet and Yacht charters in Greece, Private Tours in Greece. Exclusive and tailor-made travel planning to the last detail. Indulge in our world of VIP services and handcrafted experiences of a lifetime.


Greece Concierge Services

Greece Concierge Services & Lifestyle Management for personalized services individuals and corporations who desire exceptional quality of service.

Concierge & VIP services in Greece, designed exclusively to create once-in-a-lifetime experiences for our discerning guests in Greece. Let us build your dream experience in Greece, from romantic sunsets in Santorini island, bird's eye views of Acropolis from a helicopter, to the best VIP table in the craziest parties on Mykonos island. Our exclusive Greece concierge services ensure every detail is meticulously tailored to your desires and flawlessly executed. Greece Concierge attention to detail and attentive service will make your visit to Greece an unforgettable experience.

Greece VIP Services

"Tailor-Made Experiences"

Greece VIP Concierge is an ''on the spot'' luxury travel agency that thrives in providing top notch VIP services to clients wishing to experience a trip off the beaten track, something different...something unique. The sky is the limit, and your dreams our reality.

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    We take pride in delivering world-class events. Our extensive knowledge and outstanding network throughout Greece allow us to conceptualize every aspect of your luxry event, setting the standards for luxury and excitement. Concierge Greece luxury team strives to create memories that will leave an indelible mark on your soul.

    „From elegant corporate events with a backdrop of the dazzling Aegean Sea and idyllic weddings radiating timeless romance to world-class yacht parties or luxury after-parties in coveted areas, we bring your vision to life. We promise flawless execution and a lasting impression on your guest.“

    Concierge Greece event planners and lifestyle managers will orchestrate every aspect for your world-class party or event. Luxury event planning to the last detail. From exclusive venue selection and elegant decoration, prime entertainment, innovative lighting, exceptional personalized menus, outstanding beverages, and experienced staff.


    Greece luxury villas, we present a hand-picked collection of luxury villas adorn with state-of-the-art amenities. Whether you require an infinitive pool, ocean vistas, or beach proximity, our luxury collection will exceed your expectations. Concierge Greece villa concierges and lifestyle managers will be 24/7 at your disposal, and can take care all of your wishes.

    „Greece Concierge yearly presence in the regional market allows us to unlock exclusive access to the most luxury accommodations in Greece, ensuring that our guest find their home away from home. Your accommodation will radiate the epitome of luxury and comfort.“

    A carefully curated selection of high-end resorts, boutique hotels, and luxury city hotels are chosen based on their exceptional standards of luxury and world-class facilities. Greece Concierge luxury team set those standards to ensure that our clients will undergo the maximum indulgence during their stay in Greece and the famous Greek Islands.


    Greece Concierge, Athens. Embark on a lavish voyage to Athens, where ancient wonders await at every turn. Indulge in a cultural immersion while discovering the city's landmarks with Greece Concierge private tours, fine dining by the sea at Athens Riviera, and VIP tables in bespoke clubs. Greece Concierge Athens team will organise the best itinerary and activities in Athens according to your needs!

    „Immerse yourself in the cosmopolitan allure of Mykonos, where luxury meets laid-back island living. The epitome of seaside elegance unfolds in the Island of the Winds, where prestigious accommodations, awarded restaurants, and vibrant nightlife await. Bespoke concierge, VIP access to private events in Mykonos.“

    Greece Concierge, Santorini Island. Surrender in the romantic ambiance of Santorini, with its idyllic sunsets and cliffside villages beckoning you to unwind in opulent tranquility. The perfect blend of serenity and natural splendor emerges on the island of Santorini. Relax and unwind with Greece Concierge luxury services in Santorini and the Cyclades. Santorini is definetely a lifetime experience...

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